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Fire Alarm Systems

Impulse Fire & Security are BAFE SP203-1, NSI Fire Gold BS5839-1:2017 & BS5839-6:2013 accredited for design, installation, commissioning & handover, verification and maintenance of Fire Detection and Alarm Systems for commercial and domestic premises. As an NSI Fire Gold and BAFE SP203-1 accredited Company we are independently audited with onsite inspections to confirm our installations have been carried out to British and European standards in force at the time of the installation. 

We have extensive knowledge and experience in the Fire Alarm & Security Industry, we can provide Fire Alarm Systems in all types of premises such as: domestic, dwellings, retail outlets, warehouses, offices, care homes and educational institutions. 

Depending on the type of premises and risk assessment, the Fire Alarm System can be connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre who monitor the Fire Alarm System 24 hours a day. Alarm condition signals are transmitted to the Alarm Receiving Centre where operators follow set procedures to deal with events as they happen and contact key holders and Fire services as required.​

Customers who have a live Maintenance Contract can contact our engineers 24 hours a day 365 days a year. 

For information regarding

Different Types of Systems

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Integrated Systems

Fire Alarm systems can be Integrated with Access Control and Building Management Systems.

To view Fire System Categories Click here.

Monitored Systems

Fire Alarm Systems can be Monitored by an Alarm Receiving Centre. For more information regarding 

Monitored Systems please click here

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Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems have been used for protecting buildings and preventing loss of life for over 30 years. Technology improvements within Wireless systems now makes them as reliable as hard-wired Fire alarms.


Advantages of Wireless Systems:


  • Quick to Install

  • Minimal disruption to working environment

  • Existing Decoration not affected

  • Can be extended and re-configured if Building environment is altered or extended

  • Ideal for listed Buildings and where hard wiring is not feasible

  • No unsightly wiring to Detection devices, sounders and manual call points

  • If you have Asbestos within your Building this could be your solution

  • Compliant with EN54 and BS5839




  • Contact us to discuss your Fire Detection Requirements, (this is normally carried out after you have had a Fire Risk assessment).

  • Arrange for our Surveyor to attend and carry out a Free Survey.

  • A quotation will be sent, when accepted we re-attend site with a specialist field surveyor and carry out wireless signal strength test.

  • Your System Detectors and Control Equipment are programmed and put on Test.

  • We attend site carry out installation of detection and Control Equipment.

  • We commission system and carry out full training to Responsible Person.

  • We issue a BAFE Certificate of compliance.

  • You now have a compliant system.




All Automatic Fire Detection Systems require Preventative maintenance visits (Normally two visits Per annum). Our Engineers attend site and check all Detectors and Control Equipment over these two visits and note if any changes have been made to the premises which require alterations or additional Protection. Batteries within Detectors require changing approximately every 3 Years.

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